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The President came to LeJeune – and I was there!

This was a moment in my life that I know I will never forget ! I was so excited when I was invited to the event, I called so many people and of course, I did some shopping.

Tameka and husband

Tameka and husband

My husband , two other BSF members and I ( shown in pictures)sat and awaited the person we helped to vote into the highest office in the land to arrive.

bsf-at-lejeune Here we are waiting – Tameka, Gabrielle and Hazel. We waited for hours, and we laughed and joked to pass the time. Then there was an announcement made to address the order of how this event was to take place. It was stated very clearly to hold all applause and only applaud at the end! I Thought What!! How do we not show a warm welcome to our President?    Well, I made sure I clapped and shouted as loud and as much as I could.

President Obama thanks the Marines

President Obama thanks the Marines

I felt the speech was filled with responsible and important decisions that had to be made. The phases of withdrawal  and the mention of how the mental health and family issues will be dealt with was also the meat and potatoes for me. I felt that President Obama addressing the Iraqi people was wonderful. He wanted them to understand their part, that they must commit to in order for their own country and government to work for them. I felt it was a great honor and privilege that out of all the places the President could have picked to announce his plans for the withdrawal he picked Camp LeJeune  NC .

Tameka Gabriel.


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