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UPDATE – Veterans concerns were heard

The President has decided to abandon the controversial proposal to require veterans to use third party health insurance to pay for injuries or illness that are service related.  This was announced yesterday by Speaker Pelosi before a meeting with various veterans groups.  The Speaker was notified by the President calling from Air Force One.  The new budget proposed by the President has garnered praise from these veterans groups due to the increase in funds for the VA, but the plan to require the use of third party health insurance plans did not.    There were many phone calls to congress, emails, letters to the White House – and they were heard and acted on.  As the daughter, mother , mother in law of veterans, and the wife of a future vet, I for one am excited that the voices of members of the military family were heard.


One Response

  1. I was concerned about this idea. I am glad that it was just dropped altogether by the President. My concern is that the communication b/w the VSOs and the President’s people was not transparent enough, and therefore this crazy idea got out to the media. It should have been deemed as a brainstomring session only, or something to that effect.

    I knew that ultimately this idea would be dismissed, so i wasn’t too concerned.

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