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Amazing women –


I watched ABC News last night, and saw a report that hit me very hard.  A few  young women, all recent widows from Iraq and Afghanistan, have started a group called the American Widow Project. And it has grown and grown. They are trying to make sure that all the widows have more support, that they have someone to talk to that understands what they are going through, who has faced the same pain, confusion and anger that they have.

Their website has  DVDs,  phone numbers to be able to talk to someone, they go on trips, and most of all, they hold on to each other – even if it’s online.  Right now, the founder and President, Taryn Davis, is on a trip around the country, driving an RV with the names of the fallen on it, trying to meet with as many widows as she can. None of the bases or posts she has contacted have acknowledged her or her request to meet with chaplains and casualty officers.  I do hope that they will reconsider, or that perhaps these chaplains and casualty officers will be able to talk to this group in a different way

This is an amazing group of mostly young women, who are showing all of us their grace and fortitude, their love for their husbands, their love for each other.    I have to say, as an Army Wife and Army Mom – I’m so proud of these women.  Educating each other and more importantly, as one young widow said:

Stacey Markham was one of the first women to find her husband’s name, Sgt. Jonathan Markham, on the list. “It is amazing that everybody’s name is up there,” she said. “Wherever this RV is at, people will be reminded, not just, ‘Oh, we lost another soldier today, but look at all these families that have suffered this loss.


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