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Returning troops getting tested for brain injuries

Here are some highlights of the article … please see link at bottom or click on article title. My comments are in red.


Returning troops getting tested for brain injuries

By KRISTIN M. HALL Associated Press Writer | Apr 9, 2009 |

The Department of Defense is also deploying some unusual weapons for treating the injuries, including paint guns and motion-sensitive video games integrated into therapy at new trauma centers around the country. [I am going to post about this over the next few days…future treatments/therapies]

Funding for the treatment of these injuries is expected to increase under President Barack Obama, who said Thursday his new military and veterans affairs budget will focus on diagnosing brain injuries and psychological disabilities that have gone untreated.

More than 150,000 service members from the Marines, Air Force, Army and Navy have undergone the testing that became mandatory last year. Those who suffer a concussion or similar head injury will get a follow-up test. **the 82nd ABN paratroopers were tested when they returned from Iraq / last deployment (2006-07) …had to think about the dates…:-)

The 101st Airborne Division is the only division going a step further and testing all soldiers again over the last few months as they have been returning to Fort Campbell from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. **should be the case for all of them (who were in combat).

Military doctors estimate that 10 percent to 20 percent of soldiers sent to Iraq or Afghanistan suffer a TBI. Symptoms can range from minor headaches or dizziness to memory loss or vision problems. And it can take some soldiers a while to realize how severely they’ve been affected. **not just the immediate future …

The military also is establishing new traumatic brain injury clinics at bases across the country to give soldiers better access to treatment. Six are already running and several more are coming with a goal to have a brain injury specialist at every military installation in the country, said Army Col. Rachel Armstrong, who oversees the testing program. Excellent!!

Please read the entire article.

http://www.mywire.com/a/AP/Returning-troops-getting-tested-brain/9813563?page=1 [accessed 09APR2009]



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