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Georgia Cities Support Military Families

Please welcome guest author, Marie. Marie is the perfect example of BSF ingenuity and initiative.  The bloggers here at Blue Star Voices applaud her and every city and county in Georgia supporting military families!

Recently, I sat back and something popped into to my head: “What can I do next for the bases I serve in this state of Georgia that has given me so many memories”? I’m really not very sure how this came to me. I think it was a mixture of being raised in a military family then, at the tender age of 12, losing my father to war. Now, my own son is on active duty.

Rekindling the thoughts of days gone by inspired my journey to make April the “Month of the Military Child” all over Georgia. I know all the bases inside this great state, found all of the Mayors, town or city counsels, city clerks etc, of each and every city or county that serves as home to every base in Georgia. Then I contacted all of these people, via e-mail, thinking, “They can only say yes, no, or nothing”. The waiting began.

Surprisingly enough, I started hearing back really quickly. Thus far, I have received or am in process of receiving at least one, and for some cities, two, “Proclamations”, or “Letters of Appreciation” from all but two cites housing bases in the entire state. During this endeavor, I’ve also found the majority of the contacts for each base “Family Readiness Group.” I am currently in the process of turning over the Proclamations to each base for them to display where they deem appropriate. The Proclamations are for either/and “April Month of the Military Child” or “2009 Year if the Military Family”.

Marie Mathieson is the mother of a Navy son and a Gold Star daughter. She is the representative for Blue Star Families for the state of Georgia.


2 Responses

  1. Marie – So excited to hear about your success in Georgia! And kudos to all those cities who sat up and listened.

  2. Now that, folks, is the power of a military mom! Great job, and what a fantastic response you got from the cities in Georgia.


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