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MSRRA – Sweep the House! Surge the Senate!

msrra buttonI have been actively following, and taking part in the ongoing activities surrounding the MSRRA (Military Spouse Residency Relief Act).

Why am I interested in making sure it passes?  My husband kept his “home state” and pays his taxes there, votes there etc. We own a house there (although we are trying very hard to sell it) so the local problems of roads, water, trash pickup, and other subjects in this vein are important to us! We also pay taxes for that house, in that state. Now that we live in another state, and I work in yet another district – I have to pay taxes in the state of residence. Our vehicle – is in my husband’s name only because of local and state tax incentives for active duty military. The only person who is enjoying this whole tax situation, is our accountant. (here’s where I’ll tell you finding a good accountant is a wonderful thing!)

So – the MSRRA (when it passes ) will allow me to be a resident of the same state as my husband. (the accountant may not like that!) we won’t be taxed in different states. I’m lucky, the home state we just moved from allows me to continue to vote there, but many states don’t allow someone who isn’t active duty that privilege. Now why would I want to vote here, where I live now? We hope to PCS again soon, I have no property here, no long term commitment to this area. In the state we moved from, where we own a house, I care about whether they are going to pave that road, or if the water tower needs replacing, the plans the mayor has, or whether the State EVER gets that Senate election finalized (6 months – and counting).   If I were in the situation of friends of ours, who are planning to retire in HIS home state, they care about those things too – why would they really care about the state they are currently in for probably only a year?   One milspouse on the Facebook site mentioned that to register her child in a local school – she had to show residency!  If you haven’t lived in a house long enough to get a utility bill etc… this could be a problem.

Here’s the Facebook  site. Here’s the place to find the phone number of your current, past, future Senator and the one for your Representative.     I personally received an email from my Rep – he’s voting for it. Now if we EVER get that Senator seated – I’ll get to him too!  I’ve heard from many aides – if the Senator/Representative gets calls, he listens.

Tthe VFW, MOAA, AUSU, NMFA, Air Force Association have joined in  to say this is really a good thing – that their membership is behind this.



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