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BSF, Bi-Coastal by Anna Maria White

filmJune has been a great month for Blue Star Families, and chock full of events for military families. Last week was the pinnacle, with three exciting happenings at once! Claire, Vivian, and Casey kicked off the action with the kid-friendly, mom-approved Books on Bases, Smiles on Faces fair in Virginia Beach. Claire and Stephanie both gave great recaps.

While BSF-East Coast was making a difference through face-paint and story times, BSF-West Coast attended the ServiceNation lunch at the 2009 National Conference on Volunteering and Service in San Francisco. With a key note address by none other than the First Lady herself, this conference was incredibly inspiring. And let me tell you, as military family members, we’re pretty popular at events like this.

The ServiceNation lunch brought together some heavy hitters from the entertainment, business, government and service sectors who are all focused on making service part of our nation’s culture. The overall affect of service and how it benefits all involved was a big topic of discussion at the lunch. One of the speakers told a story about her five year old daughter who was dragged along to help out at a shelter, only to later that day volunteer to donate all of her birthday presents to the little girl whose whole birthday was one cupcake.

As a BSF member and military spouse, I’m already a part of the culture of service, but sometimes it’s hard to remember that and to remember that I’m not alone in this life. Being surrounded by so many people whose lives are dedicated to service was a great reminder though, and a truly great experience. One of the best parts about it was that they all wanted to know how they can help military families. Thanks in no small part to the attention the First Lady has given military families, and to the efforts of BSF members nationwide, the challenges of military family life are becoming better known and our civilian neighbors are looking to help.

The ServiceNation lunch was the most recent step in an ongoing effort to bring service to pop culture. Over the next few months, BSF will be taking part in that effort, and working with many different organizations, including the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) toward an unprecedented event this fall. Led by the EIF in October, all Americans will be asked to donate their service to a cause important to them. The EIF will also focus on the great service and sacrifice of our service members and their families.

As a BSF member, you are a vital part of this effort. The EIF is counting on BSF to help them develop story lines and ideas that will effectively communicate the impact of service, not just on the people being served, but on the ones who are serving. And who better to talk about the positive impacts of service on those who serve than military family members?


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  1. AM…great post! BSF’ers send us your stories and they may end up on tv! We’d also like to feature your story in our Blue Star Voices section. Send a picture too!

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