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The Maine Greeters

GreetersIf your service member has deployed, I’ll bet that they told you about a great group of people – The Maine Greeters. When my husband returned after the first deployment to the Sand – he called me from Bangor, and told me about the group of (mostly) elderly men and women who shoved a cell phone into his hand, told him welcome home, shook his hand and said go call home. I have a picture of him from their website, him on the phone sitting in the parking lot (with a cigar) talking to me..

When I asked him about these wonderful people, in preparation for writing about them, he said

Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  Constantly pushing cell phones at the troops, for that last call before leaving CONUS, or the first call back in the states.  I remember talking to them, theirs is a well organized group, always willing to be there regardless of the time of day or night, just to make sure the troops get whatever they might need as they pass through.  Plus they usually have the great big sugar cookies with the half inch of psychedelic frosting on top.

There have been stories about the Greeters, they show up no matter what time it is, no matter what the weather (and in Maine, they get WEATHER!). If they are coming home, every service member gets a hand shake, a “welcome home”,  a hug, a smile.   If they are outbound to deploy, they get a “good luck”, “be safe”,  “we’re proud of you”, a smile, a handshake or a hug.

Now – there is a movie about three of these wonderful people,  The Way We Get By .  For those of you in New York, it opens at the IFC Center on July 17th.   I would LOVE to be there, but life and R&R are getting priority.  For those of you who DO go – please write us up a review!

The Way We Get By – Trailer from The Way We Get By on Vimeo.

On their website (here’s the link again ) there are times and dates of the various showings. I’m hoping we can get the word out everywhere.


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  1. Great post Karen! I remember my husband telling me about this great group of people! They pinned a little moose pin on his cammies. Thanks for sharing about the movie. I want to see it too.

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