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Great Washington Post Article: “A Soldier’s Wife” by Georgie Hanlin

momA beautifully written op-ed, A Soldier’s Wife, appeared in the Washington Post on Independence Day.  It’s about love, honor and military service – perfect for the holiday.

Washington Post
July 4, 2009, Pg. 17

A Soldier’s Wife

By Georgie Hanlin

My childhood friend of 31 years visited my home on base, in Quantico, a few months after I gave birth to my first baby. As we took a leisurely stroll one evening through the lingering humidity of early September, I explained to her how different military life is from the world in which we grew up in San Francisco. We passed rows of colorful houses on the tree-lined, manicured blocks and gazed at the playgrounds around the neighborhood, ready to welcome the children of the officers who live there. American flags hung from virtually every front door. The occasional “My daddy fights for your freedom” bumper sticker adorned some vehicles. As we looped around the bend toward my house, my friend turned to me and asked, “How do you accept what your husband does for a living?”

Read more of “A Soldier’s Wife” on the Washington Post online….


2 Responses

  1. That was a beautiful piece and yes it is true that many don’t understand why we do it and some of wonder why we keep doing it, but we do for no other reason than we love our country and will honor the great history of those who have come before us.

  2. I really loved reading your article, brought back so many good memories. Military families, in my opinion, are among the stongest individuals out there. The sacrifices they endure are difficult for others to comprehend unless they have walked in our shoes. Thanks for sharing your experience and allowing others a chance to read a military wife’s point of view.

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