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Free ACT/SAT Study Materials

TestLike most of us who are gearing up for the start of another school year, and also cleaning out all the grime and such that seems to find its way into the house via the mailbox, the sand from the beach, dirt from the garden, and the occasional dust bunny I found a true gem in a magazine I was about to throw away.

Just as I’m thumbing through the EDGE magazine insert of the Army Times piled high in the corner of the office I found this great opportunity I couldn’t wait to share.

For those of you with children in high school, the almighty ACT and SAT has been looming over my teen this summer. We’ve discussed the many opportunities to increase her score with tutoring etc – and lo and behold page six jumped at me with FREE ACT/SAT STUDY MATERIALS to children of military and veteran families.

I stopped everything and immediately flew to the laptop to place our order for our free CD or DVD (both are offered) and order additional study guide enhancements offered at discounted prices.

Since I had already taken a break from the never ending purge of all things dirty and grimy in the house, I couldn’t wait to share this fabulous opportunity with our Blue Star Family members.

If you find yourself in need of ACT/SAT enhancements visit http://www.eknowledge.com/military to order your free study guides for the above tests.

The Power Prep programs come on a single DVD or two CD-ROMs that include 11 hours of classroom video instruction and additional opportunity for interactive learning, according to a news release. The company has already donated free software to more than 95,000 military families.

eKnowledge has partnered with NFL Players to bring this great program to military families. After you sign up for your free copy don’t forget to say THANKS and fill out their survey so they can keep this valuable program moving forward.

HAPPY SCHOOL DAYS to all in the next few weeks.


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