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The Home Sweet Home Campaign

T-Shirts 4 SoldiersPlease welcome guest poster Beth VanHoose from the Home Sweet Home Campaign. Be sure to read below the fold for a special discount for military families!

The Home Sweet Home Campaign was born from a genuine motivation, inspired by Tim and Nicole Little, who reside in Queen Creek AZ.  Tim, an Army reservist, has served two tours in this war, touring in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Like many soldiers returning home, he found himself unable to return to his pre-deployment job, due to his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).

These injuries are the ones we cannot see, but are very real and are affecting thousands of our soldiers who have served in the Iraq war.  For months Tim and his wife struggled, working their way through the VA system to get the appropriate help. It took over a year for Tim to be evaluated and rated for his disability. Enduring countless doctor’s visits and forms, this became a full time job without pay.

As a reservist, Tim was no longer receiving an income from the military and they had to rely on Nicole, who is a full time student at Arizona State University.  Needless to say, they had to make some tough financial decisions on how to pay their monthly bills; they fell 4 months behind in their mortgage.  Desperate to not lose their home, they looked for other avenues to help them get by.  They found USA Cares, a nonprofit organization that provided them with a grant to cover their past due mortgage payments.  Helping them to keep their home and focus on the future.

Witnessing this experience prompted Beth Ann VanHoose to make a conscious decision to change her career path from the corporate world and focus her time and energy on helping other families like the Littles. Utilizing her skills and past experience, Beth Ann founded the Home Sweet Home Campaign and the TShirts 4 Soldiers program.  She has pledged to raise $1 Million for USA Cares Warriors Treatment Today Program.

The Campaign’s TShirts 4 Soldiers Program is helping people connect with their family and friends in a very unique way, through ‘one of kind’ TShirts. It’s quite simple; design your own Tee or pick from one of a selection of preprinted designs; either way you will be touching a Soldier when they need it most.  As Deirdre Johnson, Navy wife of a deployed Sailor, explains “A soldier thousands and thousands of miles away in a foreign land will smile once again… upon receiving this TShirt!  The Happiness is PRICELESS”. Deirdre’s design is one of the featured preprinted designs available at http://www.OurSoldiers.org and it was also used for the HSH banner.

As part of Home Sweet Home’s commitment to give back to the military community, they are offering a special discount for all Blue Star Family Members, a 10% discount on all purchases made through the their website http://www.OurSoldiers.org. Please use the coupon code T4S-BSFAM. This is a limited time offer so please make sure you check out the TShirts 4 Soldiers program today.

About USA Cares:

The mission of USA Cares is to help bear the burdens of service by providing post 9/11 military families with monetary and advocacy support in their time of need, preventing private military home foreclosures and evictions. They currently receive over 100 requests for assistance each week.

Warrior Treatment Today is a USA Cares program designed to bridge the gap between personal financial demands and the need to receive treatment.  Specifically, the program seeks to remove the financial barrier that exists for many service members who suffer from PTSD and/or TBI, but cannot afford to leave their employment for treatment.

USA Cares will take the responsibility for paying essential household bills (rent/mortgage/utilities/car payment) while the service member is attending residential-type PTSD/TBI treatment.  In so doing, USA Cares will facilitate attendance to mandated/recommended treatment programs by removing the financial obstacles many soldiers face today.

For more information on USA Cares, 501(c)(3), please visit their website at – http://www.usacares.org

To make a direct donation please make check payable to: USA Cares

Mailing Address: HSH Campaign, PO Box 14539, Mesa AZ 85216.


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