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Calculate Your Benefits with New GI BIll

PhotobucketBeginning August 1, the new GI Bill benefits are in effect, so now’s the time to take advantage of this remarkable program!

IAVA is out with a helpful online resource that helps veterans and their dependents calculate their benefits under the new GI Bill. The GI Bill calculator and website provides comprehensive information to help you and yours figure out what you are entitled to in your education pursuits.

Undoubtedly, the transition process for the VA and schools will be daunting, and beneficiaries may find it arduous. The VA has its own website for the new GI Bill, but as Paul Reickhoff, President and Founder of IAVA says in a recent Huffington Post article:

With a complicated and dense application process the new GI Bill is less than user friendly. And with the VA consistently coming up short in its embrace of Web 2.0 and new media, veterans looking for answers on their website are often left with more questions.

So if you run into problems and complications with getting the benefits of the new GI Bill, keep your chin up and pursue what you are entitled to! For those of us, myself included, who are not yet entitled to share in these benefits, keep in mind that Congress has passed legislation providing for in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities in the state where they reside or are permanently stationed for periods of enrollment that begin after July 1, 2009, active duty military members, their spouses, and their dependent children.


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